I decided to drive myself to Rehab today. I figured if i needed to get the hell out of there, I could make a quick escape with my car in the parking lot. Little did I know my car would be pulled in to this parking lot with locked gates and my keys would be taken away from me. When I went inside the gates, I started thinking {what in the hell was i thinking to put myself in here to get clean. The place was completely different then the website I was looking at. For luxury Rehab , it was like run down over grown bushes and not quite as pretty to say the least in person. I was disappointed with the run down look to the place.

We had to start the intake process which took about 4 hours total. First I had to pee in a cup while she watched me. I couldn’t pee with her in my face so I asked her to turn around. Then I was asked to take off my clothes for a body search. It wasn’t as bad as the jail strip search where I had to bend over and pull my ass cheeks apart. But i still had to take off my clothes so she could see if i was hiding drugs anywhere. I wonder why they don’t look in my Va Jae Jae. Woman have been know to throw a pipe and some drugs up in there. Just saying. As I took off my bra, Low and behold something falls out of my bra and on to the floor. I was like oh no! What did I leave in there. and she says, oh no what is it…. I look down and its a Jelly Bean that fell down my top while driving there.

Then i got a tour and went to my room. As i was laying on the bed My roommate came out of the bathroom and had the biggest smile on her face. She was great! I loved her right away. She loves alcohol like I love meth. So we had dinner and it was nice to have someone to make me feel a bit more comfortable on my first day. I feel like I have know her forever. She is full of love and has great energy. She is my kind of people. I think I have found a friend for life.

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